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Waste Farmers Process

Waste Farmers Process

Waste Farmers Process

Waste Farmers is a sustainable agricultural company based out of Denver, Colorado. We had the lovely opportunity to work with the man behind the operation, John-Paul Maxfield. JP initially reached out to us to create a video for The Wright Awards, an annual award ceremony which showcases the top businesses in Colorado. We wanted to maximize on this production and not only create a video for the award ceremony, but also a video about the Waste Farmers brand and culture.

With this project being so last second, we were somewhat forced into taking it on without a solid storyline. What do you do when you’re in that situation? Film everything that moves, and then film it again. We headed out for a 2-day shoot at their new production facility in the beautiful town of Paonia, Colorado. The first day consisted of covering b-roll footage of the Waste Farmers team in the facility. The facility itself was darker than we expected, but we embraced the moody lighting, opened up our lenses and ended up with some pretty cinematic shallow DOF shots.

We met JP the next morning for an extremely stressful day of walking through beautiful apple tree gardens, eating organic fruits covered in fresh honey, and smelling fresh Maxfield’s soil over and over… Well we made JP smell the soil anyways. Although we went into the shoot feeling a bit unsure about the footage matching the proposed storyline, we left with way more footage than we knew what to do with.

If I remember correctly, we only had 3 days after production to complete the edit so we got cranking on it and were able to submit the video before the deadline for the Wright Awards. Fast forward a couple weeks later and we were sitting at the ceremony night watching all the videos from the other 9 finalists. Unfortunately, Waste Farmers wasn’t chosen to receive the award (Although we thought JP’s company was the only one who deserved it) but the short time we had learning about the company was more meaningful than any other job we had been on.

Take a moment to check out Waste Farmers and their sister companies to learn more about their mission to change the agricultural system.

Waste Farmers from Voca Films on Vimeo.