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Harvest Days Menu Process

Harvest Days Menu Process

When Grenadier approached us with a video production project for the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, all I could think was, “That restaurant with the 3 margarita limit rule?”. Little did I know this Denver based restaurant has so much more to offer than their infamous margaritas!

With a short timeframe of three weeks, we quickly ran through pre-production and locked ourselves in for a full day shoot at the head chef’s (Erich’s) farm out in Loveland. Being at the mercy of mother nature, shooting outdoors can be pretty unpredictable and we saw that first hand when we ran into a gloomy overcast morning when we were hoping for some beautiful sunrise shots. We made the best of the situation and added negative fill when we could to create some contrast in Erich’s face. As the day continued the sun decided to join us and lighten up the mood! We were blessed with sunshine for the rest of the day after shooting Erich’s interview. For the chef’s table portion of the video, we set up an overhead 8×8 butterfly with a full stop of diffusion and an 8×8 negative fill on camera left side to create some contrast in the food and Erich’s face. After we got all set up, Erich began preparing some delicious Mexican style elote and fresh watermelon margaritas… Shooting food is a hard job but somebody’s got to do it 😉 Gear for the day consisted of just about everything we owned plus a Rokinon Xeen Cine lens set to pair with our Black Magic Ursa Minis. We almost looked like a real video production company for a moment there.

Using all the content from the shoot, we produced three promotional videos for web advertising on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram which seemed to do pretty well considering I saw them pop up on my feed every day! I thought the campaign was a great insight into the company’s history and culture and I hope it made each viewer realize that the Rio isn’t just your average Tex-Mex restaurant. Moral of the story? Go check out why they have a three margarita limit.

Rio Grande – Harvest Days Menu from Voca Films on Vimeo.