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Hello America x NinjaSuit Process


Hello America x NinjaSuit Process

Camping? Rock climbing? Breakfast tacos? Admittedly, work life as a videographer has it’s ups and downs, but this shoot with Hello America was most definitely on the way up side of things. We were approached by our friends from Hello America to create a video for Ninjasuit by Airblaster and this “work” trip turned out to be more of a vacation for us.

Flying from Denver to San Diego, we trekked our way up to Big Bear and found ourselves an awesome camping spot surrounded by endless rock climbing walls. After setting up camp, we wandered around to find ideal locations to shoot the majority of the rock climbing sequence… One of the walls ended up being a 30 second walk away from our campsite. Thanks to the high dynamic range of the Ursa Mini 4.6k, we were okay to shoot in all of the lighting conditions throughout the day and the footage turned out rad! After capturing the majority of the content on the first day, we whipped out the whiskey and each had ourselves a generous amount for a good nights rest.

Day two of production was short and consisted mainly of some delicious food, mountain biking, and some emergency pooping shots. Ninjasuit expressed how they wanted this video to appeal to their audience outside of the snowboarding community while staying in sync with their brand so we found a few different opportunities (ahem… pooping) to create playful sequences to showcase the suit.

With nothing more than a camera, a couple lenses, and great weather, we were able to walk away with some solid shots for the video. With Airblaster basically giving us total creative control over the video, post-production was a breeze. Thanks again to our lovely friends from the band “The Kinky Fingers” who were kind enough to let us use one of their songs. These are the types of video production projects that keep us stoked on what we’re doing.

Hello America x Ninja Suit from Voca Films on Vimeo.